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“My experience with lacrosse has been a valuable one. Playing the sport has taught me many life goals such as being more disciplined and knowing how to give and take orders, and has built many other life skills. To this day, I still apply the valuable lessons taught to me by my old lacrosse coaches, and still apply them into my everyday life at St. Lawrence University.”
Vincent Deramo
“Lacrosse has helped me in a couple of different ways. It’s helped me get into, and stay in, shape and be athletic. Lacrosse has helped me learn discipline on and off the field, and it’s taught me to work hard and try to be my best. Lacrosse also gave me another family, as the Bridgeport team is a band of brothers.”
Christian Rosado
“Lacrosse has taught me teamwork. Our team plays as a family, and we’ve even used that as our chant. We’ve won or lost games as a team and we’ve stuck together. We always treat each other as more than just a team – that’s our BYL family.”
Sam Rosado
“Lacrosse has impacted my life so that I can express myself. Lacrosse has really let me be me, and it has given me so many opportunities to do things I never imaged.”
Zach Tecun
“Lacrosse has impacted my life on many levels. The main impact is that it has given me something I love to do – it gives me something to look forward to 6 days a week. The sport of lacrosse has taught me to think 4 steps ahead and it’s made me a good leader. More kids should participate in lacrosse because not only is it fun, but also teaches many different lessons in various ways.”
Deshante Longley
“Lacrosse has had a very big impact on my life. Before I started playing, I wasn't involved in any other sports-related activities. Now that I have been playing lacrosse for 5 years I have become physically fit. Playing for BYL has been an amazing experience. It's not just a bunch of friends I play lacrosse with – it has become my family.”
Elijah Agosto
“The work Don is doing with our kids in the Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse organization is AMAZING! I've seen the group grow and grow each year, and the opportunity given to our boys beyond the field needs to be recognized as well. Coach Wilson is an incredible working machine. I wish we had more folks like Don, who would step up and help our children in these difficult, crazy times. Thank you, Don, for all you do!”
Jeannette Estrella
Team Mom
“Lacrosse is basically my life. If I’m not playing, I’m coaching lacrosse, watching lacrosse, or talking about it. Without Lacrosse and BYL, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Playing summer and fall lacrosse with BYL has gotten me more college looks than I received with any other team, plus the amount of people my dad (Coach Wilson) has met just through Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse has broadened my opportunities greatly. Although lacrosse may not be the most popular sport right now, I guarantee in 5-10 years lacrosse will be one of the most popular sports on the planet. Lacrosse is a sport like no other. From simply being able to win a faceoff and having quick hands, you can receive an athletic scholarship to some of the best schools in the world, including multiple Ivy League schools. I highly recommend more kids participate in lacrosse simply because it’s fun – you’re rarely ever standing still like you would in baseball, and there’s nothing better than burning your defender and scoring a goal. Playing with BYL has given me the opportunity to do that on multiple occasions.”
Josiah Wilson